Light Housekeeping

Light Housekeeping

Our light housekeeping duties may include but are not necessarily limited to:
  • Changing bed linens
  • Cleaning and maintaining the client’s personal care area
  • Picking up around the house
  • Light vacuuming
  • Light dusting
  • Light floor mopping
  • Dishwashing after meals
  • Laundry assistance
  • Organizing

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Individuals who require home care may wish to perform these tasks on their own, but doing so can cause them discomfort, pain or place them in a vulnerable position. Seniors living independently without assistance are at a higher risk of fall or injury due to mobility and physical constraints that are best left to others. At Hands to Heart, we will discuss your loved one’s ideal environment and lifestyle and make an arrangement that keeps the clutter from building up and their home safe, clean and healthy.

" For clients living alone, whose medical condition prevents them from providing housekeeping for themselves, and if time allows in the visit, the following services may be provided by the aide:"

Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you or a loved one with home care housekeeping and why the Hands to Heart HHA center is your premier choice for quality home care assistance in Connecticut.

"Our Personal Care services are provided on an Hourly or 24 Hour Live-In Basis. Tell us what your needs are and we will develop a home care schedule that fits you."

Are You Interested in Private Home Care?

Please get in touch with us for a free, no-obligation personal care assessment and we’ll review the patient’s illness or disability, any unique needs or conditions, lifestyle and preferences, and how we can best assist you or your loved one with personalized home care in Connecticut. We offer hourly personal care services as well as 24-hour live-in home care aides for optimal security, comfort and convenience.


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