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    Certain medical and mobility conditions can make private and public transportation impractical or even dangerous. Hands to Heart Home Care offers certified Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) with rapid response times for the safety and assurance of local seniors and disabled, day or night. Our NEMT Fairfield County services feature prompt, comfortable and secure transportation to hospitals, doctor appointments, pharmacies, and medical facilities with highly trained NEMT drivers eager to assist you all the way.
    Whether you are a client of Hands to Heart Home Care or simply looking for local non-emergency transportation for yourself or a loved one, you can count on our professional drivers to deliver quality transportation services whenever you need them. Our well-maintained and fully certified wheelchair vans come equipped with secure accommodations for ambulatory passengers, wheelchairs and bariatric wheelchairs. Every NEMT service is accompanied by fully trained and experienced drivers who specialize in wheelchair assistance, pre-hospital emergency care, first aid, and CPR for your medical safety assurance. As with our homecare services, NEMT with Hands to Heart comes with a high level of compassionate and personalized care tailored to every passenger. We ensure that our accommodations meet your needs, from the vehicle environment to the companionship offered by our drivers. Our clients have come to know and love our passion for making them as comfortable as possible, whether at home or on the road. Our professional experience and careful attention to a range of medical, cognitive and mobility conditions offers peace of mind in the transportation of your loved ones to and from their destination while in the company of certified NEMT drivers.
    If there is any way we can make transportation more comfortable, secure or enjoyable for you or a loved one, please don’t hesitate to let us know. From punctual scheduling to vehicle modifications, we are fully flexible and understanding in providing not only the service you need, but the service you want. Hands to Heart Home Care is known for our extreme attention to detail and desire to answer the unique needs of our clients, whatever that may be. It’s just one of the many reasons we are considered a leading provider of homecare and NEMT services in Fairfield County, Connecticut.
    The benefits of aging in place include freedom, independence and privacy in the comforts of familiar surroundings, all of which can improve quality of life and happiness. But as we age, we also naturally encounter a lack of mobility, social isolation, and limited activity due to health and medical concerns. It’s all a part of life, but at Hands to Heart, we don’t believe the two need be mutually inclusive. While our homecare services make aging in place a safer and more comfortable experience, we also know the importance of staying involved even with age. At Hands to Heart, we deeply encourage participation in social pastimes and activities that stimulate, inspire and rekindle a lifestyle of connection. Our Community-Based Initiative invites seniors to take part in a cozy, enthusiastic and engaging activity where they can learn and practice knitting among friends and caregivers. Knitting is a wonderful source of leisure, creativity and companionship that’s often lacking with age. It’s also an opportunity for natural therapy in the form of cognitive stimulation, exercise of fine motor skills, socialization, and other benefits so important to both mental and physical preservation. We provide all the materials and assistance they need to knit a variety of creative items under professional caregiver supervision. Not only can seniors take joy in their creations, but we’re also excited to help them donate their crafts to people in need. Through our community initiative, Hands to Heart personally delivers crochet items to private homes and nursing homes, and returns to pick them up for delivery to any preferred cause. Knitted items are a beloved favorite of comfort and warmth among homeless shelters, orphanages, charity organizations, and more. Through charitable participation, seniors can experience a sense of pride and dignity in knowing that they are still very much a part of the community. In this way, seniors can enjoy all the benefits of aging in place, while always having a place in the world. Please get in touch to learn more about our Community-Based Initiatives, scheduling, and other details for yourself or a loved one.

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